502 errors on my site

As I read the default information on what to post to make a good post I am not sure how to in this case.

My website has been showing random 502 errors in SEMRush and Screaming Frog. It appears it is not template based performance because the pages with errors are never the same template.

How do I go about diagnosing this type of issue? The pages with errors always include blog posts and random landing pages on the site. I can run a report one after the other and not get the same results for the 502 errors.

Site name: lively-react.netlify.app

Thank you!

@Jennifer_G What are those services doing when they get that error … in other words, could they be doing something that creates the error?

I would think a 502 error to be pretty rare for human visitors with Netlify.

So both SEMRush and Screaming Frog are spiders that are crawling the site and providing information around it’s technical SEO state.

I will say I have never had this error on a wordpress site hosted by any provider including the dreaded godaddy nor wp-engine.

Google judges on performance and 502 errors effect your SEO and domain ranking score so I would like to fix this issue.


I am still looking for information to resolve this and if there are two servers trying to communicate here couldn’t it be a netlify issue?

Hi, @Jennifer_G. I see you are a member of a Pro team so I’m opening a support ticket to troubleshoot this issue.

Please do reply here though if you do not see a email from us about the support ticket (ticket # 53786).