404 With index.html present

Error 404 for www.natback.com
Netlify subdomain name: https://nervous-sinoussi-9e8f4c.netlify.app/
Domain and DNS hosted by netlify.
Deploy Log:
10:13:39 PM: Build ready to start
10:13:41 PM: build-image version: 122b31996ccaffd45d820a452d6227f8312110cc (focal)
10:13:41 PM: build-image tag: v4.5.3
10:13:41 PM: buildbot version: 7eafb394e33f42f945c880ce4ac17c149867813a
10:13:41 PM: Fetching cached dependencies
10:13:41 PM: Starting to download cache of 9.3MB
10:13:41 PM: Finished downloading cache in 146.668011ms
10:13:41 PM: Starting to extract cache
10:13:41 PM: Finished extracting cache in 79.855661ms
10:13:41 PM: Finished fetching cache in 227.721491ms
10:13:41 PM: Starting to prepare the repo for build
10:13:41 PM: Preparing Git Reference refs/heads/main
10:13:42 PM: Parsing package.json dependencies
10:13:42 PM: No build steps found, continuing to publishing
10:13:42 PM: Starting to deploy site from ‘’
10:13:42 PM: Creating deploy tree
10:13:42 PM: Creating deploy upload records
10:13:42 PM: 0 new files to upload
10:13:42 PM: 0 new functions to upload
10:13:43 PM: Starting post processing
10:13:43 PM: Post processing - HTML
10:13:43 PM: Post processing - header rules
10:13:43 PM: Post processing - redirect rules
10:13:43 PM: Finished processing build request in 2.210477272s
10:13:43 PM: Post processing done
10:13:46 PM: Site is live :sparkles:

My github that I am deploying from:

I followed other steps outlined in the 404 message, followed youtube tutorials, and nothing has helped me. index.html is present in the root folder as the 404 thread recommends, and youtube videos explained.

Hey @nathanielbackus

Your site is in the DevBlog sub-directory, but you have deployed from the root of the repository. Your site, therefore, is available at https://nervous-sinoussi-9e8f4c.netlify.app/devblog/ / https://www.natback.com/devblog/. If you would like it at the root of the domain, you need to set the publish directory to DevBlog as per the Build from a subdirectory or monorepo documentation.

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