404 errors on many API endpoints


custom url: kinderkultur.ch
site name: https://kinderkultur-ch.netlify.app
site id: 3cb99734-59d3-4f02-aa78-2fc00e43822a

Im trying to list all large media of my site. I think the way to go is via your API. According this documentation

i tried in postman (with barear token authorization) following request:


and got a 404 (Not Found).

Listing files in contrast is working (200 OK):


getSiteFileByPathName is also not working (404):


What am i doing wrong? is there another way to list large media? i want to fill a carousel component and need the images’ urls…

Thanks for your help and your great platform!

Hi @Linus,

That documentation is largely outdated and hardly maintained at the moment. I’d recommend you to check the dev tools to inspect the calls the UI makes to endpoints. For example, assets should now have:


These endpoints are subject to change unless documented.

Hi @hrishikesh

Thank you very much for your detailed and very fast answer. That makes sense.

Have a nice day!