404 error on new site

I get a 404 error on a newly deployed site.

The netlify site name is xaitoday.netlify.app
Custom domain is xai.today but I get a 404 from https://xaitoday.netlify.app as well and any site previews.

I followed the steps outlined here. The index.html file looks fine to me.
I recreated some rsponse headsers as requested.

x-nf-request-id: 01GV8AE3YN9R2GE2DSB02MC1N8
x-nf-request-id: 01GV8C9X21R6TA7H2QY7CDYRXE
x-nf-request-id: 01GV8CBM0KWF4AF2YSZFW17M3N

The DNS is all set on my external host (name.com)

This has nothing to do with DNS.

Rather it points to erroneous build/publish settings.

Would you be kind enough to elaborate? What should I be looking for?

Hi @hatvalues,

Thanks for reaching out and welcome to Netlify’s Support Forums!

It appears that you’ve changed the DNS configuration for your apex domain and www subdomain.

For your apex domain, xai.today, please just keep the A Record that’s pointing to The AAAA Record (IPv6) will cause an issue with your SSL certificate.

For the subdomain www.xai.today, you’ll want to configure a CNAME Record that points to xaitoday.netlify.app.

In regards to the Page not Found issue, I don’t see a build command declared. Could you review this doc:

You can add the build command in the UI here:

Additional information can be found here:

This site should help with deploying Hugo sites on Netlify.

Let us know if you have any questions.

Thanks, I had simply forgotten the Hugo directive in the build commands. The documentation you shared made this clear.

yaya @hatvalues thanks so much for sharing this with the community and confirming you resolved your issue. (: