301 error and multiple requests when _redirect file added

I have a static Vuejs website deployed on netlifly. Lets accept that my website is called https://www.test.com and i have a route called /blog. To access https://www.test.com/blog from the address bar i had to create the _redirect file in my project public folder. So far so good but after i try make the request there are like 10+ requests running for that request at a time and the server returns a 301 error. My route in the redirects file is set as:
https://www.test.com/blog /blog
Could you please tell me what i do wrong? I tryed
/blog /blog
as well but it still doesnt work. I`m new to deployment stuff so any help would be good.


hi there, before we dig in, did you see this brand new guide on debugging redirects?

I strongly suggest you give it a thorough read through and see if this fixes your problem:

if not, please post again, and we’ll try and troubleshoot.