ZIP file method issue

I need help on how to make my deployed site display correctly. Currently I;m using the ZIP File method to deploy my site but instead of loading the normal html, it’s displaying the whole page as ordinary text. Please what can I do to solve this issue?

Here’s an example, please take a look:

This looks more like the way the index.html file is saved. See if you have a blank line in the start of the file. If so, try removing any blank lines at the beginning and make sure the first line has valid HTML code.

I just did that, there was an empty space and I removed it, but It still displays the page as text. What else can I do to fix this?

HI, @Mankind. Your site has only one file which is named /. If you change the filename to index.html it will resolve the issue.

If there are other questions or concerns, please let us know.