Yoast SEO premium for Netlify. Does it exist? Is there an Alternative or Workaround? New to Netlify


I’m running an art blog on Wordpress. We use Yoast SEO premium and keyword optimization with all our posts

We’re considering building a new site on Netlify however we’re too dependent on Yoast. Is there an option to have Yoast on Netlify with its functions that are included in the WP version.

Thank you,

Hi, @Allan, this looks like a WordPress plugin.

Running WordPress at Netlify isn’t possible and there is more about why this is so here:

Does Yoast offer a version of this which doesn’t have WordPress as a dependency?

If not, this would be a feature request for Yoast asking them to offer a version of their service which works without WordPress.

If there are other questions about this, please let us know.

@Allan Short answer, no. You will have to do SEO optimization in your static-page build process somehow.