Wrong download size of GitHub rep

I have uploaded all the files on my GitHub repository and grabbed it through NetLify to host a site. When I am making a change on a file on GitHub, it says “Starting to download cache of 3.1GB” on the NetLify console. I downloaded my GitHub rep as a zip, extracted it and it’s only 89MB, any help? 3.1GB is large enough to delay the update of my site. What should/can I do?

Hi, @Castolo. The cache at Netlify includes the Git repo plus a number of other directories. Which directories are cached depends on they site of software used for the build. For example, if the site is using Gatsby, that means node is being used so the node_modules directory will also be included in the cache.

In most cache, restoring the node_module cache is must faster than running a fresh npm install each build.

To summarize, there is probably nothing at all wrong with the cache and it is working correctly. If you want to see what the cache contains, the follow-up build plugin will save that information in a JSON file after each build:

Using that plugin you can confirm if what is being cached is correct or not. If there are other questions, though, please let us know.