Would you like to help Netlify with prototype research?

Hello Community!

My name is Marisa and I run research at Netlify. We’re in the process of doing a prototype test for a potential feature and would love to get some early feedback on it from our community.

We’re specifically looking to speak with developers who work with marketers, designers, or clients. We would like to speak with both the developer and the co-worker (marketer, designer) or client so that we can better understand how the team actually collaborates on work.

Call details

This would be a 30 minute call where we go through the prototype and ask your team questions about your collaboration and feedback. Because this is a prototype, we’re asking that participants sign an NDA prior to the call.

If you and your co-worker would be interested in signing up for a call, feel free to sign up here on Calendly, and I’ll reach out to you via email!

We’re so excited to talk with you!