World's dumbest netlify.toml deploy failing on homemade static site generator

My utility named mb is yet another static site generator. When you run ./mb build it looks for Markdown files in the current directory and convert them to HTML, then writes them to a .pub directory. I have compiled an mb executable for Linux AMD64 and placed it in the root directory for simplicity’s sake.

At the moment the only Markdown file is named See GitHub repo at

# Here is my entire netlify.toml file 
  base = ""
  publish = ".pub"
  command = "./mb build"

If I understand correctly, the netlify.toml file says that when the mb build command generates .pub/index.html from the file .pub/index.html will be deployed to the root directory.

The deploy process reports no errors.

Unfortunately nothing is being published at its website, which is

What idiotic thing am I doing to cause this?

hi tomcam!

let’s start here: do you have a deploy log we can take a look at?

also: you could try downloading your deploy (if it was successful) and taking a peek at what actually is getting generated (vs what you think is). Here’s a thread on that:

thirdly, here is our general guide for page not found issues, is that helpful at all?

If you are still seeing issues after following the troubleshooting steps in this guide, please let us know!

Thanks, Perry. Site is at and here’s the deploy log

It was AMAZING to learn I could download the deploy. Thanks for the pointer. The only file in my downloaded deploy is my netlify.toml file.

yeah, i am seeing from your log that things are working as expected on our end in terms of deployment, but i don’t think the translation from markdown to html is working as expected?

I’m not sure i can say why (someone else might know) but i do believe that is what is happening (or not happening, as it were)

Man, thanks for the help. You people rock. Is there some convention I should use for my tool to generate debug output that will appear in the Netlify deploy logs? Would it be as easy as sending messages to stdout or stderr?

One thing we could try to narrow the scope of the problem: can you run your build command locally, and then deploy using drag and drop?

If that works, then we’ll know to focus on deploy settings. If it doesn’t work, then we can focus on the files that are generated by your SSG.