Wildcard Subdomain

We are using Netlify DNS, we have a wildcard SSL/TLS cert :+1:

Screenshot 2020-01-24 at 14.13.01

The bit we are missing is a wildcard domain alias. (You can’t type a * in the UI)

The site is beam-commerce we have a Pro level account and would like

*.beam-commerce.com directed at our account.

Let me know if you need any more information.

There are some prerequisites that that site doesn’t satisfy to have that feature enabled. Pro level account would have been the big one, but indeed, I can see you’re there. Here’s what ELSE must also be true:

  1. your custom domain must be a subdomain - you use beam-commerce.com ; it would need to be www.beam-commerce.com to activate that feature
  2. domain aliases won’t work (those may all be covered by the wildcard, though, so I can remove them while configuring the site if you take care of #1
  3. branch subdomains won’t work on that site, but I do not believe you are using them.

Let me know if you’d rather reconfigure that site to use www as the primary custom domain (click “…” next to www.beam-commerce.com here: https://app.netlify.com/sites/beam-commerce/settings/domain#custom-domains and then choose “set as primary custom domain”) or if you’d rather keep www/bare domain served there with bare domain as primary, and you instead deploy a second copy of the site using some subdomain (I recommend netlify-placeholder.beam-commerce.com or something equally intuitive) and I should apply the setting there.

Thanks for the prompt reply @fool

Regarding 2. We would like (in the future) to also have domain aliases.




store.site3.com => site3.beam-commerce.com

Is this going to be possible, we are launching a new product and would love to use Netlify to launch it.

No, it is not going to be possible on a single site. you can of course set up a second site to serve the other names like store.site3.com using the same settings as the first, and make sure to deploy both when you have a change to the website code.

Thanks for the clarification @fool

Does the Business account support this sort of feature set? We are going to potentially have thousands of domains if everything goes as we hope.

Another thought would it be possible to setup another site that all it did was do 200 rewrites to the main site.

Netlify Site 1


Netlify Site 2

https://store.site3.com site3.beam-commerce.com 200!
https://store.site4.com site4.beam-commerce.com 200!

I don’t think that would work. You’ll need to actually have the same content deployed to that second site instead of using a redirect rule like you mentioned.