Why does my website show up with the title Netlify on Google?

If I search up my site on google, it shows up with the title “Netlify.”
I already have the tags <title>My Site Name</title> and all the og:meta tags, but it still shows up with the Netlify title. How would I fix this?


@karizma One way, (which is probably not the way you want to hear), would be to get your own domain name and not rely on the Netlify subdomain site.

@karizma One thing you may not want to hear, is that I’m not a Netlify support member, just a fellow community member, and I wasn’t being passive aggressive, so you don’t need to be either… (although I am being so now).

@karizma I think you’re reading something where it doesn’t exist, as I wasn’t being snarky, and it’s turned out to be quite true (that it’s a solution you didn’t want to hear), based on your reaction to it.

I understand that you want Netlify to provide you a solution that immediately rectifies the issue, without you changing anything.

I’m not sure they’ll be capable of that, or perhaps not “quickly”, so erring on the side of “things you can control yourself to get a quick win”, setting up your own domain would be something that you can do without requiring their assistance.

I answer a lot of questions on the forum and you’d be surprised what people “don’t know” so I apologize that you already knew a custom domain would fix it, and that you don’t want a custom domain.

One thing I have spotted that’s odd and may be causing it, is that your page has multiple <title> tags throughout:



Here’s the spec for <title>:


Contexts in which this element can be used
In a head element containing no other title elements.

The head tag can’t have more than one title tag, yes, but those title tags are inside of SVG elements which should be fine.

But it is still possible it is confusing for Google. Regardless this is not that important of an issue right now so I will just close this topic; thank you for trying to help.

@karizma Sorry, I’d missed that they were in SVG’s, and Google claim they won’t mix that up:

Finally noticing that this entire issue is about the “Site Name” (above the URL), Google indicate that while they do pull from og:site_name and <title> that it’s best controlled with Structured Data, you can read about it here:

I don’t see that schema in your page currently, so it’s probably worth giving a try.