Why am I having with deployin?

Having problem with deploying a page>

100% html built with a jscript cpn head tag to bootstraps but having problem deploying even after accounting for the CI= npm run build for the jscript. Also changed the node.js to a 20.sx considering the bootstrap was updated 2 weeks ago, probably accounting to the latest versions. welcome page to be deployed is a welcome.html tag identification and an image tag to png/jpg ; also changed and edited the environmental variables and still not publishing. Image of latest error

You’ve set welcome.html as your build command. It’s a HTML file, not a bash script, you can’t run it as a command.

You need to remove the build command and let Netlify deploy the site directly.

I already did try that and still having the issue.

I did see a solution for index.html which could be the problem and will look to that today.