When i Roll the dice - the image is not shown

PLEASE help us help you by writing a good post!
When I click on roll dice button it should show the dice image of corresponding number which was generated by randomly in the JavaScript.
But I’m not getting this image in the deployed link

In my VS Code when i run the project, it works correctly.

@hellen You’ve not said what you’re using.

I’m going to take a wild guess that you might be using Vite.

If so, you should read their Static Asset Handling documentation, in particular the The public Directory section.

I read the documentation in vain

@hellen I presume that means you are working with Vite.

Based on the type of project and vague messages I suspect that you’re a student doing a development course, unfortunately you should become familiar with reading documentation, it’s a big part of the job.

I’ve already actually given the answer, you’ll just need to try a little harder.

Note that as the issue you’re experiencing is with your usage of Vite and not Netlify’s systems, it’s outside of the Scope of Support.

Base functionality of Netlify’s build and deploy pipeline is supported, but we cannot help you debug any source code used either during build or after deployment.