When i open my app sometime it says hmmm ...... can't reach this page

Hey @SamO, I think there’s a real technical issue on behalf of Netlify.

I’m experiencing a similar thing since Feb 15 02:20 PST.
Also, this user seems to be seeing it, too: This site can’t be reached in random manner

The site is not loading if you try to rely on cache headers. In meaning, if you copy-paste the URL and hit enter in your browser. From Feb 15 it now returns a white screen, headers are showing content-length: 2. date header is being duplicated. content-type header is served twice, one time it shows text/plain, another time text/html.

After seeing a blank screen and doing a hard refresh (cmd+r on mac), the site loads, but the same header issues are happening. What’s even more weird, that date headers are now different, they were different by 4 minutes.

However, hard refresh doesn’t help and the next time you copy-paste or enter the site regularly it will be blank again.

All of this signals that there might be some corrupted cache/load balancer server on the Netlify side, that serves invalid cache data.

Could you please help escalating that? Also, does paying for the Pro plan move project to separate servers that are more reliable?

Since I can’t embed multiple images yet, here are the links to the relevant/mentioned screenshots.

Thank you in advance!