.well-known gets ignored

Hello everyone,
First of all, this question is similar to some others, but none of their suggestions worked.
My website url is https://isalbania.netlify.app/, i’m trying to get a certificate with certbot and it asks to upload a certain file to .well-known/.
Problem is, .folders are ignored, how can I overcome this?
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HI @Isabella

For a netlify.app URL, you do not need a certificate as certificates are automatically issued. If you are using a custom domain Netlify uses Let’s Encrypt to automatically issue certificates too, so there is no need for you to have a custom certificate issued with certbot.

If you really wish to continue with getting your own certificate you’ll find this solution should work.

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Hi, @Isabella. Actually there is a workaround, for the folders starting with a dot being ignored as well. The workaround is to use the redirect to “add” the dot back to the beginning of the path.

This works as follows.

  1. Instead of making the directory .well_known/ make it just well_known without the preceeding . character.
  2. Then make a redirect rule like so:
/.well_known/*  /well_known/:splat 200

With that rule, you can upload the file as /well_known/something_here but successfully request the file at /.well_known/something_here. The redirect sends the required path (with a dot) to the “non-dot” path where the file can be found.

If that doesn’t work or if there are other questions, please let us know.