Website Not Launching?

Hello, I am working on a project for an extracurricular competition and I am trying to host my website for my project, however, it is not showing up whenever I type the URL in. Could anyone please help me find where the problem is, I would greatly appreciate your help. I have a series of files, and Netlify says it has been published, however whenever I try to access the link it shows up as broken.

Hey @biofriendlydevs,

Can you send the link to the live site (the netlify temp one) so that we can see if it’s a Netlify thing or a coding thing?

Are you getting any errors in the dev tools console (using Chrome of FF or something like that)?

As I mentioned in another post I’m pretty new to Netlify myself but if I can help I will, if not others may be able to based on your responses.

Hi, @biofriendlydevs, and welcome to our Netlify community site.

If you are getting a “page not found” message please see the following topic:

If this doesn’t help solve the issue and/or if there are other questions, please let us know.