We need to enable *.sta91ng.freshping.io for https://app-freshping-staging.netlify.com

We need to enable *.sta91ng.freshping.io for https://app-freshping-staging.netlify.com. We have upgrade to PRO plan as well

But still we were unable to configure it…

Can any one help us

Hi @developers,

I can now see that https://app.sta91ng.freshping.io is functioning as the primary domain for https://app-freshping-staging.netlify.com. Can you confirm that this has propagated for yourself?

Earlier we have utilized for single url that is app.sta91ing.freshping.io

But now due to the new changes and multitenancy support we want to make it as *.sta91ng.freshping.io
so that it will work for all the subdomains

ex: test.sta91ng.freshping.io

Could you enable for us

@Scott could you help me enable wildcard subdomain for this site

Also in the alias its not supporting * character

A wildcard subdomain would only be possible if you were to make use of Netlify DNS.

However, this doesn’t support subdomain delegation and would mean that your domain’s name servers would have to come over too.

Alternatively, instead of wildcards, if you have a definitive list of subdomains, you could make use of branch deploys without utilising Netlify DNS.

So using netlify we can’t make wildcard (dynamic name) subdomain urls you meant…

I have read from couple of forums the same

This would only be possible if the site in its entirety was hosted here (including apex domain).

I want to remove this domain name from the account which I created to test custom subdomains. please help me remove this domain name from the registry?

My domain name is “ freshpingsta91ng.com

Hi there,

Your custom domains can be removed from the UI: Overview > Domain settings

Actually we have added a new domain in domains section of Team. Please help us to remove “ freshpingsta91ng.com” from registry

Hi @developers,

Your domain can be managed from your team’s domain tab. If you’re looking to remove the domain at registrar level then this isn’t something we can do.

However, you are able to transfer this domain out from Netlify by using the above tab once 60 days have passed.

I hope this helps!