VS Code and GitHub workflow


I am using VS Code to create a simple create-react-app and trying to deploy to Netlify for the first time.

I have VS Code synced with GitHub’s desktop desktop app and I am pushing the folder to GitHub, which is authorised by Netlify and I can select the working folder no problem.

However, I realised Netlify needs a Build folder.

I can only select the whole repo from Netlify and If publish everything Netlify can’t find the build folder.

The only way I can get my site to publish is to manually drag the build folder into Netlify (and I did consider pushing only the build folder to Github) but both options mean I loose version control on my working folder.

Can anyone advise the right way to do this?

Thank you!

VS Code itself integrates well-enough with Git and GitHub. You don’t need GitHub app as such, but it’s a personal preference.

Do you have a site name? Maybe you’ve configured the base path incorrectly, which I’ve seen as a common practice.

Hi @hrishikesh thank you for your reply

Here is the link to my site (I have just reconnected connecting to GitHub rather than dragging the folder in manually)


Is it as simple as setting the ‘base directory’ in build settings?


Is this a React site? I’m assuming yes, because you’re talking about the build folder. In that case, you’ve missed out on a few settings:

Change these:


CI= npm run build


The settings are found: Netlify App