Vite / Vue - my Netlify form won't work

I’ve build a website using Vite/Vue and everything works fine, except for the form.

I have given the form a name, method, tried the netlify tag and also the other tag but none of the options seem to work for me.

I have a different project which I’ve build in Nuxt where the form is flawless. I used this configuration in my current setup but with no avail.

the form lives at Doc Doc

Btw. I’m a huge Netlify fan, has made my life a lot easier.

Hey @Blauw

Forms in Vue are JavasScript rendered forms. The data-netlify and data-netlify-honeypot attributes to go in the placeholder form, not the live form.

I have a working example in coelmay/vue-netlify-basic if you wish to check. (note: it uses axios which I really need to drop in favour of fetch.)