UTF type changes not resulting in updated site

I have the same problem. The difference between the files is just one character, which was - in the original file - wrongly encoded (utf-8 vs iso-8859-1). The updated version is not recognized, clearing cache and deploy does not work. I’ve even deleted the site and created a new one from a new branch - still, the updated files are not recognized.

hi @e44922113418abe79e29 , I split this topic off as it seemed unrelated.

can you make a small change to those files, such as adding some text or comments? I believe the checksum needs to change in order for edits like these to be picked up.

Hi, @e44922113418abe79e29. We can look at individual HTTP requests to see what content is served and why.

Would you please send us the x-nf-request-id header which we send with every HTTP response for the incorrect version of a specific URL?

There more information about this header here:

If that header isn’t available for any reason, please send the information it replaces (or as many of these details as possible). Those details are:

  • the complete URL requested
  • the IP address for the system making the request
  • the IP address for the CDN node that responded
  • the day of the request
  • the time of the request
  • the timezone the time is in

You can post that information publicly or you can private message (PM) that to one of our support staff. I’ve confirmed that PMs are enabled for your community login. Please keep in mind that only one person can see the PM and this will likely mean a slower reply than posting the information publicly. Please feel free to reply to however you prefer though.