Using server side languages like PHP on Netlify

I’m sorry I’m new to programming and still learning it so maybe this could be a dumb question but I want to ask this.

I heard I can run PHP on Netlify at the time of a deploy. I’m currently using a php to display an image on website (not Netlify) like if I immigrate this website to Netlify, it will display an image correctly? Or I can’t display image with php?

Netlify does not run server-side languages. You can use a PHP based static site generator to build your site using Netlify, or use Lambda functions to fetch the return of a PHP based script.


hi avah! glad you found us, but as @kevin mentioned, you got some wrong information. You can’t run php on Netlify’s servers, I’m afraid. Can you tell us a bit more about why you are using php?

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I wanted to hide the file path by using php (website called I SHOT IT did the same things I do) is there a way to do it on Netlify? (without php)

I was misunderstanding about Netlify’s deploying. I’m not sure about Lambda function but I will try to learn it if it works. Thank you!

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you are welcome! come on back and ask more questions as you are learning :slight_smile: