Using EJS files

I have a site thats working and published but when I change one of the html files to an ejs file it just 404s

heres the link to the working and not working code rXqBXwOZHw | SourceBin

When using html files:
/dashboard works
/dashboard.html works

When using ejs files
/dashboard 404
/dashboard.ejs downloads the file

Netlify is meant for HTML files, not EJS. You can use EJS with Express: Express on Netlify | Netlify Docs

i am using express idk what im doing wrong?

Based on your code and without seeing the site, I am assuming you’d be running into this issue: How to Include Files in Netlify Serverless Functions

oml netlify blogs hurt my brain lol this is my code GgtaJgY3Cr | SourceBin

Code structure is like
├─ index.js
├─ dashboard.ejs

just a follow up probably gonna need some support as my small brain doesn’t understand that blog

We can provide support, but not code-level debugging. To start with, I’d advise you to setup your Express app as per the documentation: Express on Netlify | Netlify Docs. Let us know once that’s done. Based on the image you shared, your setup looks different than the docs.

i just need a short run down on how ejs files are added to serverless functions? i guess. that would be greatly appreciated

This is a boilerplate project: (2.0 KB)

Note that, any changes you make will be considered custom code and we don’t provide custom code support.