Using a database with Netlify

How do I create a database in netlify?

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You don’t (not at the moment at least). But there are some really good options out there. I’ve been trying out Heroku’s PostgreSQL offering in my latest project and have been pleasantly surprised. I’m currently on the free tier but the next bump for me would be $9/mo which is dirt cheap for what they offer (imo)!

Others would probably recommend Firebase but that’s not really my cup of tea (old PostgreSQL sysadmin here).

@wees You have either to use a database provider that allows API access (such as Fauna and others), or store your data in – for example – a JSON file and then query that. It depends on what you want to do with it.

You may use the
It seems easy, provides library like firebase does

@Ashfaque Welcome to the Netlify community.

You might want to test that Deepstream does work before recommending it. From the docs, it appears that you start Deepstream on your server and then it persists. This isn’t the way that Netlify works. You might be able to get Deepstream to run during the build process, but I’ll bet that once the build process is over, your Deepstream database will shut down.

I use Firebase (Firestore) or GraphCMS for my projects.