User Roles questions

I have installed the netlifyCMS on my website, and it is all fine.
I created a few collections, and I read the documentation, but I am not sure
would I be able to:
Allow users to see specific collections only?
To see their content only,
could I hide some fields from them?
(Can I add the app metadata to a field or a collection, in other words)

"app_metadata": {
   "authorization": {
    "roles": ["admin","editor"]

And will I be able to limit the number of items they may post to a collection?
For example, they should have only one profile.

Hi @aviavia and welcome to the community :wave:

I think you’re looking for which is one of the most requested CMS features.

I suggest to subscribe to that issue - the current status is that we’d be happy if someone from the community will pick it up.


thanks, so currently, each of the users can view/edit/delete each of the items in each collection?


You can control that behavior to some extent using create, delete, hide, publish configurations. See - those are enforced only on the client side.

If you want to prevent users to directly modify the default branch you could take the extra step and use branch protection. See for GitHub.

Thanks, I"ll take a look.
Meanwhile, I"m adding my suggestions to the topic you pointed to earlier.