Url master-- in netlify url


why my netlify url contain "master-- "
and why mydomaine.netlify.com don’t work correctly ?
it’s a setting option ?

thank you very munch

Can you provide more specifics? This isn’t enough information to go on.

Where are you seeing “master–”?

What is your Netlify subdomain?

hi @gregraven sorry my friend

my netlify domaiine is : https://cocorico.netlify.com/ but my website 's design don’t work correctly
in https://master--cocorico.netlify.com/ my website work correctly :slight_smile:

why master it is before domaine ?

thank you

Your call to your stylesheet is failing the integrity metadata test:

link rel=“stylesheet” href=“https://master--cocorico.netlify.com/css/styles.min.ba4adcbb2e60e51dfdfb0e561ad9979cb24afba115c728889e5f1708ba4986d6.css” integrity=“sha256-ukrcuy5g5R39+w5WGtmXnLJK+6EVxyiInl8XCLpJhtY=”

The stylesheet seems to be there, but the addition of the (wrong) integrity hash has prevent its loading.

how i change this ? i use this code for generate my css :slight_smile:

 {{ if .Site.IsServer }}
 {{ $style := resources.Get "css/styles.css" | postCSS (dict "config" "./assets/css/dev/postcss.config.js") }}
 <link rel="stylesheet" href="{{ $style.Permalink }}">
   {{ else }}
{{ $style := resources.Get "css/styles.css" | postCSS (dict "config" "./assets/css/postcss.config.js") | 
  minify | fingerprint }}
<link rel="stylesheet" href="{{ $style.Permalink }}">
       {{ end }}

hi delete hash for testing and my links go to master--domaine.netlify.com :frowning:

If you are not familiar with the software / build system you use to create your static site, that’s not really a Netlify issue. Perhaps contact support for your software?

At any rate, both cocorico and master–cocorico seem to be loading without errors now, and with style sheets.