Upgrading obsolete pandoc dependency

Hi there,

So Pandoc made a bunch of API changes in the latest few versions. And one of my netlify sites uses Pandoc quite heavily to build. Unfortunately, I need to use the latest version of Pandoc (2.11.4) on my dev machine, but the version of Pandoc available on netlify is massively obsolete (2.4). And so I can either have a site that will build on my dev machine, or one that will build on netlify, but, uh, not both.

Can anyone help me figure out how to get access to an updated version of Pandoc? Thanks!

Ok, I may have sorted this myself: it looks like the “alpha” homebrew availability can be used to get a recent pandoc. I stuck a Brewfile.netlify in my root directory containing brew "pandoc" and it seems to be building now.

thank you for sharing your solution! i bet this is helpful to others :netliheart: