Unlink a repository from a Netlfy site / switching back to drag and drop deploys

You can do it yourself by going into site settings @valeriastromtsova: Netlify App and click on Manage repository > Unlink.

@hrishikesh the problem is, we lost access to this Netlify site and we don’t use it anymore. But since the repository wasn’t unlinked from the sire, we see “failing deploy” warnings on GitHub. Could you please unlink the repository?

How did you lose access to it? I’d expect that Mario can unlink it for you if you ask him, since he seems to be the only person with access to that team, but that isn’t new, he’s been the only person with access for as far back as I can see (3 months).

We really don’t like to change customer config if they can do it themselves, so we’ll try to proceed this way first :slight_smile: If you lost touch with Mario, we could also send them a message to ask, let me know if you’d like that!

Hello Chris! Yes, we lost touch with Mario, he’s no longer our employee. Could you ask him to unlink the repository?

hi @valeriastromtsova

If you just want to remove references to Netlify from that repo, you can just remove netlify App from the repo settings.

would that work for you?

Hi @gualter ! No, I don’t think this works for us. This repository is linked to two different sites on Netlify. We’d like to keep one of them and unlink the other one. I think removing the Netlify from the repository will unlink it from both sites, right?

@valeriastromtsova that’s right. Can you please share the site so I can take a look?

Of course, which information do you need from me to be able to take a look? The name of the site that we currently use is treeapp-website, and the unused one is treeapp-dev-1.

The repo has been unlinked from treeapp-dev-1.

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Thank you @hrishikesh !

@hrishikesh I’m sorry to bother you again with the same question, but could you please unlink treeapp-dev-temp from our repository, too? I found out this site is also linked to our repo and is currently unused.

How about if you take care of that yourself; you can do it right in the UI, here:


In general, we’ll ask you to make changes to your account that you can make for yourself :slight_smile:

Hi @fool! I wouldn’t have asked if I could do it myself. Just as it was in the case of the previous site I asked to unlink, our team no longer has access to the site. Seems like it belongs to a person who doesn’t work for us anymore. So please unlink it for us!

Ah, well, we can’t make changes to other folks’ sites based on your request, so we’d need to hear from the site or team owner to do this. Do you want us to send them a message for you asking them to unlink it?

Yes, that would be great. Please also note that it’s exactly the same situation as above in the thread, where the support team already successfully unlinked one site for us.

Hi @valeriastromtsova, thanks for your patiences on this. We have unlinked the repository. Please let me know if this is not reflected on your end.

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Would you please unlink Netlify App? The app has been moved to a new account and I don’t have access to the old one. Thanks.

Note: threads like this one could be avoided if we could configure (say from the netlify github app’s settings page) which netlify accounts we wanted to use.

Edit: nevermind, the old account owner was able to unlink.

Thanks for coming back and letting us know the old owner was able to unlink. Glad you are unblocked now!