Unknown form in "Recent Form Submissions"

I got these two forms on my website, they say “unknown form”, I click on them and nothing appears, just white loading things.

My site name is https://diario.netlify.com

I used Zapier to integrate with Netlify and I discovered the ip adress, the referrer, and the form_name.

Sadly, your website doesn’t load for me. It gives a 404.

Wow, that’s a lot of forms on your site!

I think you might have a problem in your site build code. You have one hundred and eight forms on that site. Is that intended? I would be happy to help you clean up but I can’t imagine how you would accidentally deploy so many different forms. Can you help me understand how many you intend, and which one or ones you actually use so I can advise on how to clean up enough to help our UI work correctly?


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