Unable to send request to Server Hosted on render

Netlify - https://65302a29c2feb54008178e54--charming-chaja-7d8889.netlify.app/
Render - https://youtube-server-eg1i.onrender.com/
Github - https://github.com/NeihlalremGuite/youtube-clone

I am unable to send request to the server hosted on Render site.
I tried hosting the front-end locally on my system and it is able to send request to the render server. But when hosting in Netlify I am facing issues.

PS. I build the react app then drag and drop the build folder on Netlify

Hi @Rema , thanks for the post and welcome.
Based on the image shared and your GitHub repository, I see that you are sending the request to /videos/random instead of the full url path of your render server

const res = await axios.get(`/videos/${type}`);

Kindly change all your url paths to the full url of your render server e.g. https://url-of-render-server/videos/random

Kindly make the changes and then redeploy again to see if it works.