Unable to build due to waiting for capacity

Hello, I am taking over for a former engineer and trying to redeploy our site. We are on the free plan. I noticed that the last successful build was Feb 14th and all builds since then, starting on Feb 22, are flagged as “Enqueued: Awaiting Capacity”. I also see the build status below. Any ideas?

Team builds status for xxx team [Restricted Team]

Your team has used 0 build minutes this billing period (Feb 17 to Mar 17). Build minutes sum updates daily.

Active builds

Total build capacity
Not available—

Builds waiting for capacity

Hello @LookStyler, welcome!

Have you checked the deploy log?

This article by @fool might be helpful:

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I’d probably start with cancelling the enqueued builds and re-trigger a fresh one.

You can find more info on how to troubleshoot enqueued builds here: https://docs.netlify.com/configure-builds/troubleshooting-tips/#enqueued-builds

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@tomrutgers @andylemaire I was thinking the same but the dashboard shows 0 active builds. Plus you can see that the enqueued builds in the attached screenshot are not clickable like the canceled one above them. I am rebuilding the same code that is live now and adding some static content from DatoCMS. It seems like something happened to the account or build capacity between Feb 14 and Feb 22 (the first time we tried building after the last successful build on Feb 14). We have used 0 build minutes during this cycle which started on Feb 17th. One option is to upgrade the plan and see if that resolves the issue. We are trying to avoid upgrading for another month or two though.

The deploy log for the recent builds say:
4:42:53 PM: Waiting for other deploys from your team to complete
5:08:23 PM: Canceling deploy

and “Builds waiting for capacity” at the top of the builds page increases from 0 to 1

Hi, @LookStyler, it shouldn’t say “Restricted Team”. So, that is the root cause (or, at least, I’m fairly certain it is).

We’ve sent you an email about this and we’ll resolve the issue there.

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