Unable to add domain from name.com

I’m trying to add a domain registered at name.com. I followed the instructions for deleting the DNS zone here: [Support Guide] Name.com domain reports "A DNS zone for this domain already exists on NS1" error

However, I’m still getting getting the following error: A DNS zone for this domain already exists on NS1

The domain is breakinto.pm

Hey there,

Can you double-check that the records at Name.com were deleted? This would be the first such instance of the issue persisting after deletion! It may have taken a few moments, too – is the problem still occurring?

I checked and it looks like the records have been deleted:

I also just tried to add the domain again via Netlify but am still getting the NS1 error.

Hey there!

We received a similar ticket from a customer who reached out to Name.com. In their case, there was additional intervention which Name.com needed to make. May I ask you to do the same, please?