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Two sites one site with root domain, second site subdomains

We are working on nineyard.com

We want to have the root domain to point to one netlify site (public website), and the subdomains (app.nineyard.com, beta.nineyard.com, testing.nineyard.com) to point to the second site (web app). AND we want to use the automatic branch subdomain feature on the webapp .

Our problem is that if we assign a subdomain to the web app (app.nineyard.com) the branch subdomains will be a sub sub domain (beta.app.nineyard.com) and if we assign the root to the webapp we cant have it on the public website.

Any help is appreciated!

Why is that a problem? With your use case, I think that’s the only way it might work. Branch deploys can create sub-domains only and since you want branch deploys on sub-domains, it would result in sub-sub-domains. I’m not sure if this structure is going to work fine or no.

No it will not work for me. I want subdomain for the app I don’t want sub sub domains.
“Why it’s a problem” because my use case is to have a public page and a webapp and like every webapp that has a public website, that page is on the root and the app is on the sub domain. Now if I have a beta version I want it should be beta.nineyard.com not beta.app.nineyard.com.

Thanks for the help

So, you’d be creating a branch subdomain for your root which can be like beta.domain.com, right?

Yes. But note that the root domain for the app will also be a subdomain. in my example app.domain.com

So the only way is sub-sub-domain.

You want a branch subdomain for an already existing sub-domain. That would create a sub-sub-domain.