Trying to deploy webgl build, but the app is not running after successful upload

Hey there,
I have deployed a WebGL build to run it, However it keeps giving me an error

My site : Unity WebGL Player | YEETRASH

actually the file with an extension of .br (Brotli compression), I searched and mostly they are saying to build again with the compression disabled formate

But I don’t think its a good solution, nor I can change the format If someone can help me in this would be great

Thanks in Advance

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have done with this, with compression disabled formate

Now the site is deployed but still not running showing me an alert that the unsecured WebSocket connection can’t be loaded over HTTPS, as I am using a NodeJs WebSocket server with ws protocol,

do you know any workaround, the WebSocket server running on AWS, and was is not working

The only one that I know is to add a SSL certificate to AWS to that it serves over HTTPS. Note that, please don’t try to make it work on HTTP - that would be a big security concern.