Trigger a redeploy of a preview

Using gatsby and contentful, occasionally I’ve found myself updating contentful data but due to contentful not triggering a deploy-preview its not possible to get the new data from contentful into the preview without pushing to the branch with an open PR.

I don’t see this option currently available to redeploy a specific branch/deploy-preview, just production(master@HEAD). Having this option for manually triggering deploy-previews would be super handy!

@omonk maybe this discussion can help you out.

as @talves’ linked thread mentions, you can have Contentful create a branch deploy, but not add to a PR.

You do indeed at present have to push a dummy commit to the PR to retrigger a build of it, unless the last build failed, in which case there is a button in the UI to retry it (but that will use the identical commit ref and settings from the prior build, so only really useful in case we have failed your build due to an error on our side, or the build failed due to contentful data and you’ve fixed that before retrying).

If I were you, I’d go +1 the feature request in that thread so we can “count your vote” when we prioritize features to create (though we can’t promise anything in particular, knowing it is desired does make eventual implementation more probable :))

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hey @fool I can’t seem to spot the feature request link in that thread?

oh, sorry, by “that thread” I meant the one that @talves had linked in his response: