Tried all the fixes for Page Not Found but I am still not able to resolve

Hi there, sorry to be a pain,

My site is this:](

I have tried to follow the guide on troubleshooting the page not found on my React application.

I have a front-end folder, so that is why it is set as my base directory. (indicated below)

My deployment is successful, and this is the output I get when I download what was deployed

I have tried the toml file approach and I also have the _redirects file in my frontend/public folder

Redirects file
Now when I looked around, there is different spacing in the _redirect files, I have tried them all, but still no luck…

I am wondering what I am missing. I do not have a dist folder from my knowledge…

What am i doing wrong?

p.s I want to put more screenshots but i am not allowed as it is a new account

Thank you

Your site is built in build folder: Deploy details | Deploys | spectacular-malabi-feab10 | Netlify

But you’re deploying frontend for some reason: Deploy details | Deploys | spectacular-malabi-feab10 | Netlify

Simply change the publish directory to build and it should work.