Transitioning site away from netlify

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Site name: Knotify
Site domain:

I have moved this site to Cloudfare pages due to free tier restrictions. I have removed the site, removed nameservers and removed DNS from netlify but the domain is still pointing to Netlify.

How have you configured the domain in Cloudflare? What records do you have?

Thank you for such a quick response. Yes I have configured the name servers in Cloudfare. Which records did you want me to send over?

@arjunp8822 You may just have been waiting for the change to propagate, it loads fine for me:


As @nathanmartin has shown above is working @arjunp8822. However it appears you have not configured the www subdomain on your new pages site and still have A records pointing to Netlify. Remove them from Cloudflare and add the www subdomain using the same process for the apex or alternatively redirect the www to the domain apex.

As your domain is now using Cloudflare the best place to get assistance is the Cloudflare Community.

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