Transient errors during Next.js site build

Last week we started seeing build errors in Material UI ( They don’t happen every time; about half of the builds pass without problems. We tried reproducing them locally, but did not encounter any issues.

At first, we connected them to a recent changes in Next.js that happened in a similar timeframe, but reverting these changes did not help. We also tried updating Next.js to the latest version, updating Node to the latest version, doubling the memory accessible to Node, all without results.

The tricky part is that there is no meaningful error message. The only thing we get is “Exit status 1”

The build settings we use: material-ui/netlify.toml at master · mui/material-ui · GitHub
Build log: Netlify App

Looks like your build ran out of memory:

Netlify provides up to 11 GiB of RAM and if your build goes over that like this one, it would fail in a similar manner.

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Thank you for this answer. We’ve tweaked our build a bit and now they pass regularly. This chart is very insightful, I suppose there is now way for us to access those ourselves?

No so far, I’m afraid.