Transfer domain from one Netlify team to another

I’ve created a site (nostalgic-leakey-d1e2fe) and registered the domain name for it under my account

The account I created this under is one I use for my personal projects, now I want the annual domain payment to be charged to my client’s debit card rather than my own, I’m trying to set the app up under a different Netlify account and move the domain over there

Is it possible to move a domain from one Netlify team to another without adding collaborators?


hi there, did you see this guide already? If this is applicable to you, you can complete this process easily yourself!

if not, please visit Support, and choose dns/site transfer from the dropdown menu on the right, and we will assist you.

Thanks very much for your help, there are no shared team members so will contact Support to ask them to transfer it

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