Transaction declined while trying to save my debit card details for my custom domain payment

PLEASE help me with my transaction and debit card issues:

  • I am trying to add my custom domain name for my “” site.
    *Whenever try to Add a payment method
    I am getting:
    “Transaction declined” while adding my debit card details as I don’t have a credit card

Hey @hackergod00001

As mentioned by @hillary here and here debit cards and pre-paid credit cards are not (currently at least) accepted.

Hi @hackergod00001

Coelmay is correct. We only accept payment by credit card at this time. Sorry I don’t have a better answer for you today.

Today I was trying with BOB Credit Card so it said:
Sorry; teams are currently unable to purchase a domain using a credit card issued by an Indian bank.

Now, what should I do @coelmay and @elden ?

Hello, any update from your end?

Hi, @hackergod00001. I would recommend registering the domain with a different registrar. After that is done you can use the domain at Netlify using either of the workflows below:

If you enable Netlify DNS, the domain will work identically to a domain registered using our service with one small difference - which is that the domain renewals will happen with the other service and not via Netlify. Besides that, there is no difference between a domain registered with Netlify and a third-party domain using Netlify DNS.

If there are other questions or concerns, please let us know.