Through API fetch whole HTML of the Page - Including HEAD tag

I have created the post.js(functions) and i am trying to achieve how i can fetch data from API and display it on a page with Meta tags as well.

So far I have fetched the content i.e. title through node-fetch but adding meta tag is where I am struggling.

Here is the link -

My main goal is to add the content of the post and further share it over the FB post for example check the following link - Daria & Jane

If you check the post you can see the link created is through netlify app and further redirects to the main website.

For more detail - 26 Bold And Mistaken Customers Who Were Yelling At The Wrong Store
Notice the last slug i.e. 33178 is something we will send to the API parameter so the specific post details will be fetch(using WordPress)

Ref forums which i read - Redirecting facebook referral to the specific url

Hey @ketan,

I’m a still little unclear as to what it is that you exactly want.

To start with, the first link you shared returns a 404.

But reading through the rest of the post, it appears to me as if you’re able to fetch the post, you just wish to insert meta tags somehow?

It would be great if you can share a repo or some reproduction which would explain the case better.