"This site can’t be reached" . why is this happening to me?


i already deployed multiple project just for trial and error…
that one above is an example…

but it just gives me an error all of them after

the ERROR is.

“This site can’t be reached”

Hi @jcarlo-vs

The site you have linked to is reachable. It is the site for @Moondogfrom_Bahamas. It contains numerous errors in the console though, which is an issue with the deployed code, not Netlify.

If you have issues with another site, please share the site name.

Hiya, sorry you are having trouble with your build.

This Support Guide contains a ton of useful debugging tips that can likely help you solve your problem :slight_smile: Additionally, this Support Guide houses all of our resources for debugging build and deploy issues.

We also recommend trying to search the forums with the build error you encountered - it’s likely your question was already asked by someone else!