This function has crashed TypeError - l is not a function

my app run normally at local server, deploy and build sucess but when I open the main rout/ I get this error ?
any suggestions ?

Check your code, or it might be coming from one of your dependencies. This doesn’t look like a Netlify issue.

mmm if it’s from the code, why it works locally ?

Can’t say, your local system is highly different from the systems at AWS Lambda. So with the given information, it’s not possible to derive any conclusion.

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Which part of code do you recomend me to check ?
I think it’s the built code that make the problem, but can we change edit ot or something ?

I am sorry, I cannot guess. I have no idea about your project, what it does, how it’s built, what it uses, etc. This is also not an issue I’ve seen before. So, I don’t have any useful advice for you at the moment.