Testing serverless lambda function on branch deploy

Hi, right now I have a Netlify site with a simple serverless function that automatically assigns a single role when a user signs up via email invite. However, I’m trying to try the function of assigning different roles based off the email addresses found in this guide.
How could I test it out by having it on a branch deploy since Identity appears to be on the whole site. I’ve created another bitbucket branch with the new function, and I assume I’d have to add a signup button but would this serverless function be used since it’s a branch deploy and I currently have a main branch running with my old serverless function, serving to customers.

Hey there, @NikShafiq :wave:

Thanks for your patience here! Have you made any progress on this in the past five days? If not, can you please share the site you are working on as well as the function name so that we can look into this further for you?

Hey Hillary,

I was able to test out my function on a different site instead. It was the sign-up function based off the guide I linked before where I initially had it automatically assign roles to any user who signs up, but instead now I wanted to add logic based on their email address.

It’s all good now, but unsure how a branch deploy that has an identity related function would affect my site since Identity is used for all deploys (branch deploys, production deploy).

Thanks so much for letting us know that everything is working now. If this comes up in the future, please do not hesitate to reach out. With more site details and a reproduction, we would be able to most likely dig into a root cause.