Svelte app deploys successfully, but receive a 404 when accessing its URL

Today I deployed my first Svelte app to Netlify. After installing the requisite netlify adapter and making the necessary configurations, I deployed my app. The deployment was successful, but when I visit its URL, I get a 404.

Netlify URL:
Repo: GitHub - henken/svelte-app

This seems like it might be a simple configuration issue, but I’m not sure. Any help is greatly appreciated.

hi there,

you might try downloading your site:

that way, you can see what we are actually building as opposed to what we should be building! the reason why you get a 404 is always going to be that there is no index.html file, the question is just why.

there is a little more information here:

I solved the issue. I made the mistake of creating my own _redirects file beforehand which routed all requests to ‘/’. The svelte netlify adapter generates the _redirect file at build. My rule was overwriting the generated redirect.


Thanks for coming back and letting us know! This will definitely be beneficial to additional Forums members who encounter something similar :netliconfetti:

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