[Support Guide] How to connect Azure DevOps repositories to Netlify

Hi Richard,

Unfortunately, today, we don’t support Azure Devops the same way that we support our 3 first-class Git providers and, as such, DPs are unsupported.

We do appreciate the feedback and raising this with us allows us to share the insight with our product team! We’ll be sure to let you know if Azure Devops is supported as a first-class provider in future.

Hi everyone :wave: , thanks for your interest in using Netlify with Azure repos!

We’re pleased to announce that Netlify now natively supports Azure DevOps as a Git provider! While you can still connect an Azure repo to a site using netlify init --manual as described in this thread, you can instead connect a site directly in the Netlify app. In addition to automated builds and deploys, you can use deploy notifications, branch deploy contexts, and Deploy Previews with your sites connected to Azure DevOps.

You can find more details in the docs. Once you’ve had the chance to try out the new integration, please feel free to share your feedback. Happy coding!

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