[Support Guide] How to Configure Multiple Sites for One CMS with Netlify Create

If your company manages multiple domains or websites — e.g. a dedicated site for each brand or product line — you may prefer to use just one content source (CMS space/environment/dataset) to manage all these sites. This is called an omnichannel approach to content management.

Benefits with Omnichannel

There are numerous benefits to taking the Omnichannel approach:

  • It ensures the content model is consistent for all sites.
  • Shared content is easy to consume.
  • There is a single source of truth for content that may be reused across multiple sites.
  • You can have multiple front end sites without paying for extra CMS spaces.

Challenges with Omnichannel

The downside to this approach is that it is typically harder (and more error-prone) to navigate or edit content within the CMS. Content for all sites will be visible to everyone all the time, when you may want finer-grained control over permissions.

The effect forces organizations to manage multiple spaces, complicating pricing and maintenance.

Using Netlify Create to Simplify Omnichannel CMS Setups

Netlify Create makes working with an omnichannel approach simple. Here’s how to make it work:

  1. Create multiple projects via Use my repository mode for each project. Configure branches however it best suits your scenario.
  2. Using Project Settings, define environment variables for each project that your code will use to load only the relevant content for a specific website.

If you get stuck or would like consultation, talk to an expert. We’ll help you design a solution that fits your needs and your stack.