Sticky popup "Share feedback" blocks my account

Hi Support Team

I downgraded my account from 1-month trial Pro to Basic again. I login with my Github account ‘rrotane’ and my site is “”. After downgrading a popup “Share feedback” prompted me for feedback. I can submit the form but it won’t go away no matter what I type. I can close the site and login with a different browser and the popup will reappear immdediately. It’s a blocker. Please force it to close and make my account usable again.

Kind regards

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ping @charlottechhum

Thanks for the link. It’s the same issue here. Please let me know when you solved the root cause.

Hi @rrotane ! I am so sorry for this annoying popup – we just REALLY love feedback! Just kidding.

I’m working with our team to roll this back right now, and I’ve noted your account as impacted. I’ll let you know as soon as it’s resolved!

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Thanks for your swift response. My feedback in short: Everything except for this annoying popup has been a very smooth UX/DevX so far.



Can you share an ETA for the fix please?

This should be fixed as of 2 days ago, sorry for the late update, hopefully you’ve been unblocked since then!