Starting node.js app

How can I start node.js app? On Heroku I just added in package.json start script… I am asking, because got “Page not found” error and think it is problem with starting. All good, deploy published. I added build command found, but still doesn’t work.

Maciej Kuta

Seems that’s good now with build command, but it doesn’t end deploying version and still doesn’t work: Deploy log

hey there, welcome.

So the problem definitely is that your build is taking too long - we have a max build time of 15 minutes for all applications that aren’t on our high performance build system (see this page, scroll down, unfold “high performance builds” for more info)

can you post your package.json? what kind of an application are you trying to build?

I’m trying to build an express application. Here is package.json

ah! that explains it.

You cannot run express applications on Netlify - it is for modern static sites only.

Here is more information:

I hope this helps clarify!

So I added domain in heroku, then change the record A and CNAME to point to it… And this should work? SSL from here will stay?

@crazydeveloepr09, the SSL certificate at Netlify only works for sites hosted on our service.

If you direct a domain name (including subdomains) to another hosting service (like Heroku - an awesome service in my opinion), then a different SSL certificate will need to be provisioned there. The SSL certificate at Netlify will not work anywhere else and cannot be exported from Netlify.