SSR Astro - cannot read size from netlify functions

hey netlify team

What am I doing?

Building an astro SSR site cloned from GitHub - surjithctly/astroship: Astroship is a starter template for startups, marketing websites, landing pages & blog. Built with Astro & TailwindCSS

My app:

What went wrong?
I am getting a build error the below.

I fixed the bug by adding node as the adapter in my astro.config.mjs file (see below) and it built fine. Obviously that isnt the workable solution (just wanted to test it out) as I need netlify functions to the be adatper so it can build the necessary build files (aka _redirects etc)

import node from '@astrojs/node';

adapter: node({
    mode: 'standalone'

Any ideas?


Please open an issue on Astro’s repo as they maintain the integration with Netlify.